“To build the city back up, it’s great to have large

Local Jersey Company Gets National Attention

“Rockford is not the city that once had the Ingersolls, the Atwoods, the Alcoas and those types of places,” Taylor says. “To build the city back up, it’s great to have large employers come in and I’m all for it, but the strength of this city will be built on companies like us.”

As a company that only began as a retailer selling jerseys, caps and jackets, Exclusive Pro Sports’ work can now be seen on NHL All Star weekend, on the college hardwood and even in this year’s Winter Classic on the backs of the Washington Capitals.

“It’s kind of fun to think about seeing our stuff,” Taylor says. “On a lot of weekends, we can turn the TV on and go oh yeah, that’s my team and that’s my team so it’s fun.”

## ## While Exclusive Pro Sports makes its business selling their work on a national stage, their top priority remains the same: to serve the people here in the Stateline.

“That’s really how we started and we’ve never ever given up on that business and as long as I’m still running the show here, we’ll always have room for the little guys that come here,” Taylor says.

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